How To Clean A Laptop – Simple Steps To Clean A Laptop

How To Clean A Laptop – Simple Steps To Clean A Laptop

All computers require cleaning and laptops require cleaning more often than desktop. When you feel that, the keys on your laptop started to stick or looks like old trash, you should understand that your laptop needs cleaning.But, unfortunately, unlike a desktop, it’s not easy to open and clean a laptop.However, here are some steps that will assist you to clean your laptop and make this tiresome process easier.

Necessary ingredients: To clean your laptop you will need these ingredients

  • A Household Sponge
  • Dishwashing Detergent
  • Lint- Free Cloth
  • Cotton Swabs
  • A Bowl
  • A Screen Cleaner
  • A Can Of Compressed Air
  • Isopropyl Alcohol

Before starting the cleaning process, arrange above necessary ingredients and then start your work with full concentration.

How To Perform A Laptop Cleaning

1. Before you start cleaning turn off your laptop and unplug it. You should remove the battery first.

2. All accessories should be removed. Remove the mouse, any disks or CDs, USB keys and anything else that is connected with your laptop.

3. If you want to clean the laptop with the keys still attached you will have to use the can of compressed air. Remember, you should not hold the can upside down.Simply tilt it and spray.If required you can tilt your laptop, but you should be extra careful.Continue spraying until you have removed as much debris as you can.

4. If you want to clean your laptop without the keys connected, you can use a knife to remove them.Before prying them off, you should make sure that you know how to replace them.Because some laptop keys are harder to reassemble.If you are not sure, try popping off one key and replacing it.If you can do it successfully, then pop off all.Be careful that, you do not damage the keys or connectors or injure yourself.

5. Fill up a bowl with water and a  few drops of dish soap.Place the keys in the bowl and let them sit for as long as required to loosen the gunk.Scrub the keys lightly to clean them properly.

6. Fill another bowl with equal parts of water and isopropyl alcohol.Soak a lint- free cloth in this cleaning solution and wring out the cloth until it’s dry.Wipe with it inside of the keyboard, as well as the sides and other faces of your laptop.

7. Clean out the ports along the sides of the laptop.Now take the can of compressed air and spray all of the connector ports until they are nice and clean.

8. Do not shut the lid.In this position, leave your laptop to dry thoroughly.

9. When your laptop and keys dry fully, pop on your keyboard keys back.

10. All laptops use LCD monitors.These monitors are very fussy about liquid.Use a lint-free cloth to dry clean the screen.A lint -free cloth gets the dust off and removes finger smudges.

Use a damp sponge to wipe the screen.Use only water to make the sponge damp.Wring out all the moisture from the sponge and then rub the screen gently, lovingly.Use an LCD monitor cleaning solution to clean the screen.Spray some onto a microfibre cloth and gently wipe it over the screen.

Never use alcohol or ammonia cleaners on the screen.It can damage the LCD display so that the image becomes unreadable.

Final words: If you want the best and accurate performance from your laptop, follow the above Cleaning rules carefully.Proper take care can increase your favorite laptop’s performance a few times more and longevity also.


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